Hooray for PA! Let's go road-trippin'.

This post brought to you by PA Tourism. All opinions are 100% mine.

Who doesn't like roadtrips?

Who doesn't like mountains & trails and waterfalls????

(if you don't, you are cah-razy & probably not my friend...unless you bake awesome cupcakes, then, we're cool.)


Well, pa-roadtrips made this pretty sweet thing called Roadtrip-a-Matic.

It let's you choose from a bunch of themed roadtrips like "Taste Buds on Tour", "Trails Mix", & "Small Town Charmy". Awesome names right?!

I chose "Trails Mix", because that's my style.

Roadtrip-a-Matic mapped out a 3-day ecursion of sightseeing and adventurous awesomeness. It provided maps, trails, where to eat, sleep, what to see, all that good stuff & then some.

If you plan on coming out to PA, one--start saving for tolls. Holy heck do they nail you there!

Two--check out pa-roadtrips & map out your adventureous awesomeness!

Now...if only we had the time to pack up and roadtrip for a couple days!



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