Home Sweet Home.

It's where your heart is, right? 
I could seriously live in a tent & be happy because I have my sweet sweet men that make up my home.

But the sad truth of the matter is we need space.
& be we, I mean Hux.

It's crazy how quickly we've outgrown our place, and try as I may I just can't seem to keep us paired down. We're simply bursting at the seams. 

I've adopted a new mantra:
Sell it all.

We've got to find a new place to make a life for Huxley, and we have to do it soon. 

Ideally it'd be close to my parents, because Hux is just over the moon for them.
Ideally it'd have mountains, and rivers, and Lake Michigan too.
Add in a good school, local co-op, and walkable places to make new memories at & I'd say we're set.

I started a new page on our blog called "Shop our Closets"...right now it's Huxley stuff. Mostly brand spankin' new & awesome. I plan on adding in items from mine as well--brand new dresses, scarves, purses, etc.

If you want to help us raise money for the Buy Hux a Home Fund you can shop our closets HERE!

Oh, & any of these would do as our start-up home...

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