What's In Our Fridge Friday

Okay, here it is...our refrigerator in all it's glory. 
I feel as though by showing you the contents of our fridge you get to know a whole different side of us. 

What we eat, & drink and snack on.

We have a lot of pickles (surprise surprise) & snacky stuff up top (salsa, Tartex, mustard), a yogurt shelf, a fruit shelf (which I frequent often), drinks & odds and ends at the bottom (typically leftovers & larger vegetable items that don't fit in their designated drawer). I keep any meat in the bottom right, and that is it. 
In door #2 we have our perishable supplements (probiotics & fish oils), juice, milks, asian sauces & such, condiments & random beverages (even a bottle of bubbly for when baby arrives!)

This weeks Fridge Tip:
See that blue Zico bottle? That's chocolate coconut water & I have Hux convinced it's chocolate milk. I highly suggest trying it. It's phenomenal.
Not even being paid to tell you that. It is just for real awesome.

I'm  hoping you find fridge peeking as interesting as I do, maybe not, maybe I'm weird. Remember MTV Cribs? My favorite part was checking out the contents in celebs refrigerators.

Here's the deal, since our stuff doesn't vary too much I thought it'd be fun to join forces with all of you! You my friends, are invited to be guest bloggers on life with the Hux. by simply emailing me a photo of what's in your fridge at, and telling me some of your favorite items in it!

Can't wait to sneak a glance!



Katie Robinson said...

Ooo! Fridge fun! I'll definitely participate whenever I can get my tail to the grocery store. ;) I did this a couple of times on my food tumblr ( I love see other people's fridges to get more ideas. Maybe I'm weird.

Hillary Brooke said...

Yay! A fellow fridge gawker :) Can't wait to see what's in yours (always looking for other ideas for Hux!)

Crista Hebel said...

What a great idea! :)