on the mend + reaching out

[I get lost in these big puppy brown eyes at times.]

We are knockonwood finally on the up swing over here.
Getting back into the groove of things, cleaning nesting, cooking real meals
(not just soup & baguettes, or toast and fruit), dancing, and making play dates for Hux & Mama. 

This Friday I'm going to start up a weekly feature called "What's in Our Fridge"--where I'll snap a photo each week of the contents of our fridge (maybe even freezer too), and tell you some of our favorite products + recipes with the items shown. Would you guys be into something like that? Is there any topics you'd like to see on life with the Hux.?

Let me know.
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As much as this blog is all about Huxley, we are all about you too!


1 comment:

ERiKA said...

i LOVE that idea!
i would like to see posts about fav baby gear?
a post about baby meal gear for sure!
like -what bottles, sippies, mealware, etc. did you use and why did you like it? there are SO many choices out there!