Above is my arsenal of sickie ammunition. 
Netflix, Vitamin C, smoothies, water, tissues & snuggling under tons of blankets. 
There's also been a constant mug of hot tea by my side as well.

You guys, I'm starting to lose it over here behind the screen---it's been MONTHS since I've been healthy & just when I start to feel better I get another round of something horrid. It's just not fair--to anyone in our little home, since we all just play Hot Potato with our germs. 

Huxley is finally on the mend after a scary, disgusting sinus infection/diarrhea/'s been pretty gross at our place. Tons of cleaning up has been going on.  A lot of diapers being used. It's just insanity.

You know who deserves a 500 hour back rub & a steak dinner? Matt. 
He's been a superstar through all of this despite not feeling top notch himself. Keeping the house in somewhat of an order & helping stay on top of Huxley's meds, constant stream of diaper changes and vomit sessions, and dealing with a sick pregnant me.

I love him.

So, forgive me for neglecting the blog a bit. I've just been out of commission on top of baby growing & toddler wrangling.

Hope you had an awesome weekend & are avoiding all of these seasonal plagues going around. 


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