the Babe chronicles pt.2

[dreamy dress, perfect bag, lovely shades, yummy source of fiber, fruit & veggie sushi, Rosebud Salve(ation), bubble bath, belly oil.]

This pregnancy has been almost entirely like the first.
(Minus the slight ER scare we had in the beginning that turned out to be something that happens quite a bit--regardless, you never want to see blood ever ever ever when you're pregnant & I don't care if you tell me it happens all time I will still freak out.)
A little tired in the beginning, slight nausea + food aversions but nothing major. 
Everything seemed to ease off when we hit the second trimester & if it wasn't for the sinus/ear infections and all the sickies we've been dealing with I would say it's been smooth sailing growing.

We've been feeling the Babe move since around 13wks (we're now just shy of 18wks). which is crazy, but true, although they haven't been as strong or frequent lately--guessing it was just how the Babe was positioned. 

Huxley is seriously over the moon for his little brother or sister. He kisses my belly daily & points to it saying, "Baby!" He will sometimes even talk to it, or show it his Donald Duck and Goofy toys.

We're still on the fence about finding out the gender. To me it's completely unnecessary to absolutely know what we're having. I'm not going to go bonkers with pink if it's a girl or run out & buy camouflage and race cars if it's a boy (sorry Grandpa!). It would be fun, however, to be able to talk to Huxley about his baby _____. A friend also made an awesome point--which would be more motivating when it comes to birthing? 

Oh, birthing. 
This time around we got into The Birth Center, which would be better named The Super Crunchy, No Drugs, Bite A Stick & Push That Baby Out Center. (They were booked solid for Hux's due date.) Super stoked, super scared. Have tons of books to read & re-read in the next couple of months, and Matt definitely will need to brush up on his coaching sleeping on the job this time, honey.


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Katie Robinson said...

That is a gorgeousss bag!

I can see wanting to wait on the gender, and I always gravitate more toward gender neutral items anyway (love green, greys, and browns!). However, I just couldn't wait. :) It helps me bond more with the baby and I can tell a big difference with my husband's excitement level when he learns the gender too. I think it helps him connect too as we can start having more specific dreams of our family growing. But, that's just us.

If you do wait, though, it sure will be an amazing moment when you learn the gender at birth. :)