20 weeks

This morning we got to see the sweet sweet little Babe as a family for our 20 week ultrasound, and now we have a very big secret to keep!! We found out & my oh my are we so in love already (not that we weren't before, but my, Oh my!) The funny thing is that up until walking in the doors I was on the fence about peeking or not---Matt was literally hand on door when I blurted, "Let's find out!". 

Matt even got a very large nudge from Babe last night that sent him across the room in shock. Apparently, we have a kick boxer growing inside me. 

Any guesses what the outcome was? A Little lady or another Bruiser Boy?

We'll be sharing with you soon enough!



Crista Hebel said...

My gut says bruiser - you look RADIANT by the way! :)

Mums make lists said...

What lovely pics - both you and the flowers blooming :-)

Would absolutely love for you to link up at the new linky party - The Friday Baby Shower - for everything pregnancy and new baby. Old and new posts very welcome Alice @ Mums Make Lists