where's the guys?

Hux has a very funny way about him. 
I mean, the kid is funny. He's got the best sense of humor, and plays the silliest jokes & pranks on us. Lately he has been non-stop sweet, and good natured (not much different from any other time) but just super easy going all day long. We know we're blessed. We know

One of our favorite things is finding where Huxley has put his Sesame Street figures or "guys"---which is aways in the most random places or scenarios. I started snapping photos of all the goofy ways they've turned up for the past couple months & thought it'd be fun to show you where we've found the guys lately...

Really makes me wonder what's going on in Huxley's head.

I'll let you come up with your own stories of what the guys are doing...


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