Valentine's 2013.

Happy Reds & Pinks & Hearts Everywhere Day! 

I love this little holiday, & I love it even more now that Hux is totally stoked on anything involving presents, decorating or treats.

Our place is literally covered in Huxley Valentines---he's been a coloring/painting/stickering fool these days & we couldn't be more pleased with our budding Warhol.

Since Mama has to work tonight I'm crock-potting a pork roast (blech. eat up boys.) for some homemade pulled pork sammies tonight---Matt rarely gets "real" meat around this joint so this was my gift to him, well, that & a gourmet smoked salt, burnt sugar carmel, stout beer dark chocolate bar. YUM?

Hux was spoiled. Pop Pop & Honey Mama sent him some "Mickey Presents"...Huxley's favorite...a book & movie, which he is totally smitten with already! He also got a new sled, because I accidentally ran over his toboggan. So so sad about that one. 

& for the Mama? I got a massage and a surprise tomorrow night.
eep! (annnd Hux also took a 3+ hour nap & let me catch up on things including a shower...the joys of it all, right?)

Hope you are having a loved filled day today wherever you may roam.
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