Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

Easter this year will be oh so very memorable as we are taking a family vacation to Asheville, NC to check out the area & see if it's a good fit for us. 

Hux will have so much more fun exploring his basket this year & I've been having a blast picking things out for him here & there. Fingers crossed I got some goodies that will occupy his busy-body on the 9+ hour car trip.

We hope you enjoyed the announcement of our Little Lady! We are so so very anxious to meet her & take in all her sweet sweet fresh baby goodness.


PS: DiaNoche Giveaway Winner was chosen & announced HERE!

Editor's Note: Turns our I can't read calendars & we will be in NC the week before...looks like I'm going to have to hit up the Dolla' Store for some quick trip knick-nacks & distractors. 

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Software Development said...

Love the little dinosaur finger print kit! I read this blog post,, and have been thinking about a theme for Easter baskets this year. Not sure what I'll finally settle on but it looks like you've got a fun start.