when will it end + begin?

[2 weeks old.]
This is how I feel right about now.
Matt, Ellis & I have been in the hospital since Saturday, and after several rounds of antibiotics + pain meds & an ultrasound they've decided to re-open me to get the abscess out.

Dear Lord, this has been quite the adventure. It's been over two-weeks since miss Ellis June has joined us, but we haven't really had a moment to settle in as a family. So overwhelmingly frustrating.

The entire month of July has been a blur, and I am pretty sure summer is over in MI..Crazy, huh? Not really, but it's cold--and I am screwed because I birthed another string bean baby that doesn't fit into 0-3's or any of the Target short + fatties yet and all I bought for newborn Ellis was tees and tanks and onesies when it's in the sixties here (or atleast that's what they tell us...we've been inside for days.) 

Prayers + good vibes would be much appreciated for tonight's operation. 

We miss you & hope there won't be too many crickets before I write again...


UPDATE: Operation went well, thanks for all of the love and prayers and vibes of the good persuasion. They are palpable. Hoping to be home tomorrow with a homecare nurse. Fingers crossed.


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eek. What an un-fun start to a beautiful new life!

Prayers for a swift recovery and getting to enjoy this precious new babe.