We left the hospital the moment they gave us the green light. Seriously. I made sure to already have everything packed up and we were out the doors the second I was unhooked from the happy maker machine (dispensed heavy pain meds and IV fluids), which I named Steve.

They say home is where your heart is, and being away from Huxley was like being lost in the wilderness. In a way I feel like I was---and I'm just now really processing what just happened to my body, our family, this whole stupid ordeal. It makes me feel sad, overwhelmed, angry, cheated and all I want is to wake up pain-free + able to care for both my babies the way a Mama should.

The healing will take time, I know, but I just really wanted a different start for our little tribe of four...but we'll work with what we have & hope my body patches itself up real good this time around.

Thanks for all your love + prayers--you mean the world to us.


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