learning to breathe.

[Ellis will be 4 weeks old tomorrow. Pinch me.]
[Who is this handsome young man, and where is my sweet baby boy?]

This month has dealt us quite the hand.

Birth, sickness, growth, adjustment, the passing of Matt's Grandmom, the birth of a new cousin, our struggles to knit together our family of four--- newness everyday. 

I'm still healing up. Fingers crossed next week I will no longer have an open hole in my lower abdomen. The daily nurse visits are not really my cup of tea, and I really really really miss getting out and doing things on my own. That being said, I am really really really grateful/blessed/overwhelmingly indebted to our family and friends for stepping in and helping us with Huxley and anything we've needed. 

God most definitely had a plan when we moved to MI.

Hux is having a really hard time lately. It breaks our hearts to watch him act out in frustration, jealousy, all those horrible feelings I never wanted him to feel with the arrival of Ellis. Eventually we will all find our stride. Until then, we are relearning how to breathe...


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