our little lady.

 & I thought I took a lot of photos of Huxley...
my computer is about to crash with the obscene amounts of pictures that have been uploaded!
It's just so much fun dolling up our pretty miss Ellis + I want to capture every blink, yawn, sneeze, smile while simultaneously capturing all of Hux's antics (boy, does he have a lot these days).

Huxley is starting to show some obvious signs of jealousy and feeling left out. Huxley's once cute "Donald Duck" impressions have become horrible tantrums and spitting. His frustration is almost palpable and all I want to do is pick him up and snuggle him, but he's so rambunctious that it's just not safe---my cesearan recovery has been long, and emotionally and physically hard. This week thought I'd be on the up + up but knew something was wrong--turns out I have an infection, great, prayers this stupid antibiotic does it's job & does it fast. I'm so exhausted of this pain and immobility, and of not being able to fully be with my family. 

Ellis just perfect. Sleeps pretty much all night, nurses and naps all day. Morning time is her 'awake' time. I love these moments where she'll just stare at me and coo. It breaks my heart a million times. She gained 5 ounces at her 2 day check-up, and has been so good to Mama, letting her rest, and just being as easy as can blessed. So very blessed.

Matt is above + beyond, and I am so amazed he hasn't left me with all of my requests and break-downs. 

[this has been a trial.]

He deserves a couple chocolate apology cakes, backrubs, and nights out with the guys for sure.

Thank you for all of your well wishes, thoughts + prayers, and congratulations. 
We love and cherish you all.


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