looking for December Sponsors!

Holy moly, it'll be December next week!

We haven't done a Sponsor blerb in quite some time & well, what better time to boost your advertising ventures than in December? 

The most magical month of the year. 

& I promise that we have some pretty magic-filled things in store for the blog this month...

Holiday Gift Guides, some fabulous Giveaways--just to name a few, and of course...

all things Huxley.

Our readership has been growing and growing with a demographic of mostly women between the ages of 20-40, who are either preggers, have kids or both & live in the US. 
(although we have readers from throughout the world, which is way cool,  shout out to you lovely readers in the Netherlands!)

Check out our Ad Spot Rates HERE & shoot me an email ( if you're interested!

& as a little Holiday gift to you, I am extending a review with the purchase of a large ad-spot ($50 savings!)

We'd be so stoke to partner up with you as we love love love all of our Sponsors & only work with the coolest of the cool.


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