life with Hux, lately.

Alright, Mamas with kiddos that never stop...
What do you do with your babe all day?

I feel like I need to be way more structured with Hux now that he's in school twice a week. He love love loves that place, but I want him to be more excited about home + Mommy than Teacher Sam & circle time.

This is a typical day with my little man lately:

We've been starting our days at 5:45-6am everyday, thank you very little Daylight Savings
This is also now the time Huxley likes to tell me, "Poop. Potty." 
Pretty exciting in terms of the potty training situation!

I let Hux flush & say "Bye Bye Poop", and wash & dry hands.

Hux is set up with his Juice + Pre-Breakie Snack + Sesame Street time

I'll fix breakfast while Huxley lounges... l typically his favorite chicken sausage and fruit, although lately he's been letting me sneak in some cheesy eggs

After breakfast we bombard Daddy & try to rouse him for work. 

Once Matt is out the door we get dressed (although sometimes, to be honest, we jammie it up for awhile...) and ready for whatever the day has to offer. 

Typically we run some errands around this time & then if Hux hasn't crashed (typically at noon he will nap) we will lunch, but usually we eat after nap around 2pm since he is snacking inbetween anyways

From 2-6pm is the gap I need to get more creative with. 

Here are a couple things we like to do during this time:

Sing & Dance to the Toddler Station on (I like to include yoga poses, and body part recognition with our dances...such as "touch your toes! touch your hair!" etc)
Reading books
Playing Educational Games on the iPad
Outdoor playtime

We do dinner (typically before Matt gets home, because bedtime is rapidly approaching).

It's either bathtime(which happens 2-3 times a week now because Hux's skin is sooo sensitive to the dry air) or just a washcloth to the bod

I coat Hux with coconut oil, jammie him then it's books & bed.

I know it sounds like a lot, and somedays it feels like enough, but any new fun, fresh, creative & budget friendly ideas are totally welcome!

Until then, we'll be the ones with paint on our faces...


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