The Fall of Samson.

I did a bad thing.
A very bad thing.

My heart is all achy over it, and I'm just going to have to live with what I've done.

Here is what happened via phone call with Matt:

Me: Can I cut Huxley's bangs?

Matt: Sure, they're in his eyes and he's gotten to the point where he is used to seeing through them.

Me: Well, if you give me permission...

Then I got my Japonesque Baby Giraffe Hair Scissors & little Hippo Brush out, stood Hux on his table & tried to just snip a little bit of his bangs from his eyes.

The scissors were awesome, and the brush kept Huxley entertained while I prepped myself for the big snip...

Let's just say I have never had any professional cosmetology training, and we were immediately on our way to the local Hair Cuttery with Daddy to fix Mommy's botch bang job.

Hux was really mellow through the whole ordeal (until the very end when we told him he couldn't have another sucker) and fell asleep as soon as we got home---Matt swears it's because we stole his power by cutting those gorgeous curly locks.

It will grow back, right?


[behold, our little man child.]


This post was brought to you by the lovely folks at Japonesque Baby.
If it weren't for your lovely little tools I wouldn't have had the courage to attempt the impossible!
Thanks for making such an adorable line of Baby Care products--that work-- & being a part of Hux's BIG MILESTONE!!

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Crista Hebel said...

We did this recently, too. It does change how they look, and how you see them. He has gorgeous hair either way and yes, it will grow back :)