Toddler Land + Politics.

Now, I may complain a bit about living where we do, but last week I discovered a little glimmer of light in this crazy area.

The Philadelphia Please Touch Museum.

It was a rainy day, and a friend from work & I had a little play date scheduled for our boys. Our plans to go to the park were k-boshed but luckily she has a membership to the Please Touch Museum which isn't too far from us. 

Oh my goodness this place is toddler heaven! So many fun centers to play in, and no one telling them, "no, no nooo don't touch that!". 

It's even fun for parents! I was completely in another world in the Wonderland section. So amazing, and detailed. I could've stayed there all day. 

Hux is just taking off with vocabulary and skills these days. 
Yesterday, he counted to FIVE.

I think we have Sesame St. to thank, because definitely haven't been working on that with him.

and for that, Romney is not getting my vote.

[Note: Hux's grocery cart. A total Mom fail. Bread, cookies, pretzels and hotdogs.]
[Ain't nothing sweeter than three sleeping boys.]


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Nate said...

I find it amusing/sad that huxley has never been there.. Since Matt did an internship there back in the day...