life + Hux

Let's talk Hux.

He is going to be one in 10 days.


We have a full blown toddler on our hands who can:
  • climb
  • eat all sorts of things edible & not
  • laugh at his own farts...really?! really.
  • get out of the bed on his own
  • dance
  • make all his new musical toys play & play & play
  • use a sippy cup
  • handle (the gym) daycare like a CHAMP
  • open doors
  • sign "all done" as well as wave, and show "sooo big"
  • talk incessantly & sometimes sound like it's not gibberish
  • he still LOVES The Beatles & Simon and Garfunkel...yep...that's my boy!

Hux is just awesome. It is fun being his Mama. Truly. He makes my day...everyday & is just the sweetest person to everyone he meets.

He rarely cries and is such a bruiser--he'll bonk his head or split his lip & not skip a beat.

Scares the CRAP out of me!

I look forward to all the adventures we will share when he gets a little bit older...and for the record, he only needs to gain 40 more pounds until Mama buys him his first whitewater kayak.

(Sorry Grandpa & Grandma!)

[Sweater c/o Bla Bla Kids]


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Jess Judkins said...

Hux is just adorable