Valentine Face.

Does your beauty routine need a boost?
Mine did.
Super by Dr. Nicolas Perricone saved my face just in time for my 2nd favorite holiday...Valentine's Day.

Super's 3-Minute Facial with Ginger Gingerols (say it outloud...go's fun!) is an easy addition to any primp ritual.

Mine being:

  • Wash face
  • Apply moisturizer with SPF


  • Wash face
  • Apply night-time moisturizer
(Some days when I have a few extra minutes I toss on some mascara & lip balm.)

The 3-Minute Facial is just that--a quick little boost that leaves your face looking va-va-VOOM! I personally enjoy the light tingle from the ginger as it stimulates my skin giving it a perfect fresh-face glow.

[extra glowy & ready for date night after just 3-Minutes!]

Thank you Dr. Perricone!!


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Crista said...

You're right - very fun to say :)