avoiding winter

It is January...right?
We have the most perfect weather out today--almost 65 degrees!

Matt & I took Hux to the park today for the first time (I know, he has totally been neglected!!) but really, I am glad we waited, because there were so many kids...and those kids did not care about little tiny guys running about the place...Hux was getting tossed about and ran into, but he lovveeedddd it.

He had a little trouble running in his shoes since he's usually just in socks, but was so happy & just kept bumbling about, running up to kids to say, "Hi!" or check out there bike, pogo stick, juice box, toy..etc etc.

We definitely will be headed there again--especially if the weather stays the way it is--I can't believe it! Last year around this time I was a week overdue, giant, uncomfortable and we kept getting crazy snowstorms.

We hope you are having a lovely weekend as well, and send nothing but good things you way.



Crista said...

love the peace tee!

Joanna said...

He is too cute! My kids loveee the park, too!!