Vegan Treats

Attention to all of you dairy-free/vegan/gluten free Mama's & Papa's & everyone inbetween!
Let your sweet tooth rejoice, because thanks to Liz Lovely we no longer have to settle for cardboard-tasting cookies & other sub-par treats.

Based out of the Green Mountains of Vermont this tasty little bakery is full of awesome folks whipping up handcrafted organic cookies which are made with only the best stuff out there. Your conscience can feel as good as your taste buds while enjoying these cookies as all ingredients are completely vegan & fair trade.

They have so many creative & delicious cookies to choose from it's kind of ridiculous! My favorite were the Cowboy Cookies (which our local Whole Foods carries) until I got my mits on their Gluten Free Chocolate Fudge cookies.

There are OH MY!

Stop by there online store and order a few, scratch that, a BOX to try & maybe even share, today!

[& yes, they look as good as they taste,]



meganbrunette said...

first of all... YUM. second of all... i thought i already followed! third: i follow now! xo

Hillary Brooke said...

yea these cookies are so freaking delicious...every day I say I'm going to cut sugars from my diet...but these give me good reason not too haha xo