thrifty book worm.

We love reading here at our hutch.

Our first purchase for Hux was a book--Richard Scary's Cars, Trucks & Things that Go. It wasn't until after Huxley was born that we realized just how perfect of a selection that was for our little boy!
[we waited 'til he was born to find out.]

When we were pregnant with Huxley I'd spend my downtime sifting through thrift stores to find books that once were on my childhood shelves. It was therapeutic for me. It was calming and somehow helped make they pregnancy more palpable..more real.
[it was hard for me to really wrap my head around bringing a little person into this world.]

Every night, Matt would tuck me in, spray lavender essential oils throughout our bedroom, and read one of the books I'd rediscovered to my ever growing belly.
[it helped make the pregnancy more real to him as well.]

It's kind of become a hobby. Finding the perfect books for Hux to grow up with. I'm constantly looking for a few of my childhood favorites that have sadly disappeared after years of garage sales. With each hunt I hope to stumble upon them, and often find a few really cool vintage books. After bringing them home I lovingly clean them and make them look brand new before adding them to the collection.

I've only purchased barely a handful of books at full price and have saved hundred of dollars, & best of all--
look at Huxley's growing library!

[some finds from the other day book hunting with Hux.]


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