22 weeks & growing.

This little boy is growing & growing fast.

Huxley has begun to pull himself up into sitting position and hold himself there for awhile. If this accomplishment wasn't enough he is also making attempts at pulling himself up to stand.

[I really need to put those rocks in his diapers.]

Teething is in full force this week. He is gnawing feverishly at anything he can get into his mouth & is constantly worn out from it. It's made his sleep schedule wacky, but he is sleeping like a champ (in his big boy crib, too boot!).

He has a new favorite toy---a little bumblebee piano that lights up and either plays notes or music when tapped....I think we may have a little prodigy on our hands!

We've begun cloth diapering (almost) full-time. I'll post more on this topic later, but Hux is napping & I must get some chores done before he stirs.

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Anonymous said...

He is so bright eyed and adorable. Sometimes I wish we'd tried cloth diapering...I'm interested to here more about the switch!