happy daddy's day!

Fathers are truly remarkable men.
There is just something about them that sets them apart from the rest.
They have the toughest role in my opinion---with the weight of their child's & partner's world & well-being on their shoulders.

I am blessed to have experienced a Father who worked until his hands turned to leather to provide for us all the while still making time for his family.

We would go on Daddy-Daughter dates. He'd teach me how to be a better more competitive ski racer. He pushed me to do good & be honest in all things. He supported and loved me unconditionally.

[and still does all of these things today...minus the skiing, but, we'll work on that.]

& now I get to watch as Matt takes on his new role and he has done so beautifully...I mean, it'd be really hard for him not to considering he now has a miniature version of himself who is wide-eyed in love with his Daddy.

Happy Father's Day to you remarkable men.

[we love you very much.]


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