why I love being a Mama. (just a few of the reasons.)

there are so many little tiny moments & things that make sleep deprivation, a small bank account balance, balancing work schedules & all the hard work that comes along with parenting

worth it,
a blessing,
heart melting,

& pretty much, no, definitely the best thing God ever gave us.

Although words could never do justice to how having a child changes your entire heart's composition I wanted to make an attempt to describe how my concept of love has deepened, grown, & reshaped by Huxley.

I love waking up to Huxley squirming around in his crib, babbling.
I love how he has endless smiles.
I love his broken-in baby smell.
I love rubbing the little bald spot on the back of his head.
I love his full-bellied laugh.
I love how he pets me.
I love the sound of him latching on to me & the way his eyes close half-way & roll back like he's drinking liquid awesome.
I love his eyes & how they're constantly looking at things with wonder.
I love his dimples.
I love his fearlessness.
I love how he holds his arms out for me to swoop him up.
I love his nuzzles.
I love watching him sleep, explore, learn, just taking it all in.
I love how he grounds me.
I love how he teaches me.
I love how there is no one who could take my place, and visa versa.

I love that I am his Mother.
I love that he is my Son.
I love him through & through, forever & ever, higher than the moon.



Isabella James said...

Wow.. this is amazing
This sure is a beautiful peace, it literally made me teary..
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Mama K said...

Absolutely precious!