good mornin' sunshine!

or snow if you live in the Great Northern Michigan like Grandma & Grandpa who got SEVEN INCHES overnight!

We can't wait to visit them! Only two weeks from today we are scheduled to fly into Traverse City, and spend a week in Leelanau County.

Sadly, the mister won't be joining us due to his fancy new 'grown-up' job so I will be flying with Huxley all on my own.

I am definitely excited for our first Mama-Son adventure, and have been formulating a master plan on how to make our travels seamless. I'll be posting a Pack List as we get closer to our departure date. Any suggestions, or wisdom is welcomed!

(clearly, the Huxman is stoked too!)


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Darcy said...

have fun! tips? bring extra pants! Dax pooed like four times for some reason while at the airport and I had to buy a 20 dollar onesie! I felt like such an amateur :-) haha....
also i breastfed dax while taking off on all four plane rides he's been on...and he would just doze off and sleep the whole time from there. loved it.