I'm blogging...

It's 4:30.
Not really a big whoop right, 
well it's 4:30 in the morning.
And I'm blogging.

I had this huge epiphany that I could accomplish many a great things after I got my entire family back to bed since either one or both of my babes are teething and the Daddy is sick.

So here I am. Saying hello to you all. I feel like I've neglected this part of my life far too long.
It's just been a crap storm over here, and I am so beyond over it that I ugly cry about it.

Hopefully my appointment next week will resolve some of these ongoing issues with pain, because I am so tired feeling like I've been kicked in the stomach or my insides are about to fall out.

Blech, enough with the imagery. 

To make up for it, here is Buddy the elf.

PS:  I had this in my head to the tune of his song,
"I'm's 4:30 and I'm blogging"
I should go to bed.

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