a color coded Christmas [a gift guide for the Mamas]

I'm obsessed with plum this season, 
& I am the furthest from a purple lover as you can get...
but there is just something about plum that has me swooning.

My absolute favorite plum must-have of the season [especially for all you Mamas of multiples] is a TWELVElittle Allure Weekender in plum. This bag is magical. Ginormous, but with pockets galore so you aren't searching a cavernous black hole of a bag, and the color?! It's perfection. I also love the options of a longer shoulder strap or shorter ones. I really can't rave enough about it, from the storage to the leather detail--I do hope you find one underneathe your Christmas tree this year!

(Hopefully I'll have a couple plum colored goodies beneathe mine...hint, nudge, hint)


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