Hux + Lulu [dot blogspot dot com]

Whew! We've finally updated our blog to include Baby Sister Ellis (as Huxley has come to call her)...that only took about 8 weeks to do...

Please note that we will be changing our URL from to on Monday, August 19th!

Wouldn't want you over there on the other side of the screen freaking out with a "Page Not Found" error, like "Oh my gosh, no more life with the Hux?! It can't be!! Say it ain't so!! My life is ruinnnnned!" Because that would just not be good! So please make note! We will be changing this on Monday--so find us at and then bookmark us so you don't forget! 


Editors Note: I opted not to change---we may be buying our own dot com that will just redirect our original URL...way less of a headache perhaps. Stay tuned & keep voting for us! 


Unknown said...

I remember when I had just my personal blog and it took me forever to post anything. Cute pictures!!! :) Thanks for sharing your link.


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