big-eyed babes.

Still resting up & healing over here.
Officially banned from making plans as I'm a grade-A space cadet these days.
Forgot diapers on our first outing to Grandpop & Honey Mom Moms.
(major epic Mom fail)
Forgot the photographer was coming tonight.
(had to reschedule)
Forgot I'd made plans to meet with some Mamas this morning to trade wares.
(had to send Matt--bless his giant amazing willing heart)
So, I'm learning how be non-commmital for now, and distracting myself in the best way possible...
snuggling these big-eyed babes of ours.



Alice Emma Thompson said...

Gorgeous - what beautiful big eyes!

You're totally allowed to forget everything including your own name in those first few months :-)

I would love to see you some time at the The Friday Baby Shower ... the link party for bump + baby posts, Alice @ Mums Make Lists

Unknown said...

Gorgeous eyes! :)