mean green juice

I got the mister a Champion Juicer for Christmas, which we just started using last week--not sure why we weren't juicing up a storm Christmas morning...but either way, we are now.

Today I juiced up a pretty green palette & guess what---I didn't have to hold my nose to drink it. Score for me.
In fact--Huxley guzzled it!
Double score.

Mean Green Juice:
(all organic ingredients)

1 celery stalk
4 Granny Smith apples
A few bunches of kale
Hand full of baby spinach
One cucumber
1/2 a lime
2 springs of mint

Bottoms up!


ps: During a pit-stop at IKEA for some impulse purchases & a quick lunch Huxley learned how to work a juicebox...I'm just blown away by how this mini-person catches on to things...seriously, what is next?

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