we're on the good list, are you?

When I was little I would cut out every single toy & trinket I wanted out of stacks of catalogs & magazines and then carefully paste them into a little makeshift book I'd created with printer paper & a stapler.

Armed with a glue stick & some scissors I went about fashioning the most dreamy wish lists that I would then present to my parents (who most definitely balked at my steep requests).

It wasn't necessarily about getting everything that was stuck to those pages--I don't recall a single Christmas morning being disappointed or feeling without--no, I enjoyed compiling those books and flipping through page after page of those catalogs.

& now here I am armed with the internet....

I'll be putting up Wish Lists of amazing gifts & ideas for all of you-- in hopes that you find something super cool to gift to your loved ones!

& so, here are a few precious things that are perfect perfect perfect for baby...

Bla Bla Sunset Bretagne Sweater
& other of many cute finds on Bla Bla Kids

A subscription to Bluum
---the gift that keeps on giving!! Every box contains deluxe samples hand-picked to pamper both Mama and baby.

& for Mama...

Winter time makes for dry, uncomfortable hands---give the gift of pampered mits with Weledas Hand Creams
(In Pomegranate Regenerating, Sea Buckhorn which softens and protects & my personal favorite-- Skin Food for dry rough hands.)

More Wish Lists to come! Keep on the lookout & hey, if you have a second, could you click the vote button on the top left & give Hux some internet love?


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