our rough & tumble rugger...

Hux will be 11 months in just a few short weeks.
Almost a 1 year old, and it has been one amazing journey.

Huxley's been walking for a few weeks now, consistently, and getting in even more trouble than usual.

Our days consist of chasing him from room to room, and escorting him out of rooms he isn't allowed to play in (ie kitchen, Mama & Daddy's bedroom & bathroom)...the other rooms are essentially Hux proof, although he's managed to show us that nothing truly is safe as he is quite rough & tumble--biting his tongue and bumping his head barely phase this kid.

As far as food goes, we liken Hux to Slimer from Ghost Busters. The food goes in & then is spit out, and 99% of it ends up on the floor. He has, however, mastered the squeezy pouch foods and sucks them dry! He's still nursing up to 15 times a day, and getting a little bit of his special formula. We've slowly started to introduce some dairy into his diet, but it doesn't sit well on his tummy so we're doing it in very small servings for now.

Huxley enjoys playing with obscure objects found throughout the home--the TV remote, the lever to the recliner, cardboard boxes & mixing bowls are all very fun things to him...I am SO glad we haven't wasted money on plastic junk.

We are all finally in good health again, and enjoying these lovely late fall days. I am very excited for all of these first holidays coming up--especially Christmas, which you will find quite obvious on our blog.

We thank you so much for all of your love & support and send nothing but good things your way.


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