Post-Partum Fashion Blues?

I loved being pregnant.
Loved it.
I felt like a glowing orbital goddess.
Even on my worst days I'd feel pretty, despite the less glamorous side of pregnancy, you know it well Mamas, swollen ankles, varicose veins, waddling around looking like a watermelon smuggler.

The day Huxley was born was when I became aware of my appearance again. Before, I was the cute pregnant lady, but my cuteness was now swaddled in my arms & I felt like a misshapen, fat, mess.

Jules, of Jules Ford Maternity is a godsend.
She designs a gorgeous line of maternity pieces that can be worn during and after pregnancy.

Jules gives us Mama's with post-partum fashion blues a reason to shave our legs, and put on a touch of makeup.

What could be better than feeling sexy again? How about 10% off one of these gorgeous designs!? Just enter the code "HUX" when placing your order.

Stop by Jules Ford Maternity today & find the dress that will give your confidence a massage, and revive your sass.

Oh, and by the're gorgeous.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Gotta love this: "misshapen, fat, mess". Boy do I remember those bad mirror moments and spending those postpartum days uncomfortably in a belly bandit praying for the best. Didn't have beautiful dresses like these to put on. Think I wore PJs for a looong time. But maybe for baby #2 I can splurge...