Calling all Sponsors!

It's hard to believe September is almost over...I really hope that fall does not skip us this year! It's been so hot here in Philly that we've yet to need our snuggly coats & warm boots--but I have a feeling that is just around the corner.

We're now taking on Sponsors for October! I've got a slew of Giveaways & Reviews coming up, and would love to add yours to that list!

Our numbers have been going up, up up & we would love to have you become a part of life with the Hux.

Email me for stat details at

Here are our Ad Rates for the month of October:
Advertising pricing is subject to change as readership grows. For more info email me!
Payments can be made via Paypal.

If monthly sponsorship doesn't work with your budget, but you would like to send us your product to try out & feature on our blog then shoot me an email--we love mail, especially presents in the mail! We also love doing Review/Giveaways---a great way to get a huge increase in traffic to your online shop/company!

We'd love to have you be a part of our adventures!
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Maggie May said...

what a cutie your little guy is! what is Hux short for- anything? i love unique names..all my kiddos have em.
i love the fox in your header too..foxes are my thing!