the ever moving Hux.

Our little guy just does not stop moving.

We have to strong-arm him to get a diaper's kind of ridiculous & even worse after a bath when we oil him up with Weleda Calendula Oil.
[best stuff ever, by the way.]

He is always looking at stuff. Taking it in. Adding it to his memory bank & moving on to the next fascinating new sight. It's adorable, really.

But! When you're trying to get a spoonful of pureed goodness into a moving target and add to that an awkward Bumbo Seat used as a highchair...things tend to get a bit messy.

Like so,


ps: any suggestions on a better/affordable/practical & cute highchair, MUCH welcomed!
It's on our wishlist.

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Beryl Lynn said...

Everett isn't in a high chair yet but we got the Inglesina table chair (in teak) for him and I'm excited to use it! I opted for that over a traditional chair because It'll be one less thing taking up room and we can take it with us when we go out or while traveling.

I just googled it and has a promo for $10 off of them using code "SERFIVE" :)