23 weeks & then some.

So I'd made a really good attempt at trying to get a 23 week photo set done, but Hux wasn't having it.

With his new skill of sitting up things are progressing quite rapidly here & we have to keep an even closer eye on our adventurous one.

Instead, I thought I'd post some of my favorite shots from his 23rd week here on this planet. What changes! What fun! We've really been having a ball.

Oh, & today we made a quick trip to Ikea.
[I know, that's impossible right? Wrong, we really had one goal: get highchair.
& get highchair we did!]


2 comments: said...

Which high chair did you get? Something we'll be in the market for in the next little bit... (at least for the social aspect of dinner as of now)

Beryl Lynn said...

I spy with my little eye.. the Ikea chair! Ugh.. I want to go to Ikea so bad but the closest one is over an hour away and Everett would not tolerate that long of a car ride.