we made it!

We made it, praise God.

Yesterday mornings travels were a mess.

After our initial flight was cancelled because the plane was broken we were rebooked to a later flight, then to have a longer layover in Detroit where Delta then did not know where the connector plane was...we finally touched down in the Great North.

Mama was a mess at first since the trip was planned specifically around our itinerary. Huxley, on the other hand, was an absolutely dollbaby, which he is all the time, but I was so impressed with how well he handled our Delta Distaster.

Hux slept like a rock during both flights. He was out before we even took off on our connection, which I panicked over since I was nursing him during take-off/landing to help his ears pop, so I resorted to squirting a little bit of my water from my water bottle into his mouth which triggered him to start swallowing/nursing again.

You learn as you go, eh?

Huxley & I have been enjoying Grandma & Grandpa very much, and he got to meet two of his cousins yesterday and his Great Grammi Nonny too! Huxley has so many other family members to meet still!

It's going to be a whirl-wind the next few days to I apologize if I don't get to posting, but hey, we are on vacay afterall.

(We were pretty bushed and really missed Daddy.)


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