What the Frig?! Wednesday

Since becoming a Mama I have been an avid collector of little unknown facts.

It's my goal to share as many of these as possible to all you unsuspecting Mama-to-Bes/new-Mamas & hey, I am all about equal opportunity, so this is for all of you Daddy-to-Bes or new Daddies as well (some of this however, you will not experience 1st hand that's all).

Here's something I was not expecting becoming a breast-feeding Mama:

Milk leakage when Huxley started to cry

After reading up on this I can assure you it's totally normal. Your body goes through a stage of adjustment when you first begin nursing, and it begins to tailor your supply to the needs of your bundle of amazing.

The main culprit causing this spontaneous let-down is Oxytocin. Hearing your baby or another baby crying, thinking about your baby, smelling your baby, or sitting in the chair where you usually nurse your baby might be enough to trigger your body to release the hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin causes the cells in the milk-making lobes of your breasts to contract and eject the milk toward the nipple, where your baby can pump it out.

So, if your baby isn't close at hand, prepare for leakage, & always keep some breast-pads handy. I prefer organic cotton reusable breast-pads, and yes, I am proudly sporting my Super-Mama cape today, thank you!


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