weekend with the sickies

Yep, the flu bug is going around alright & we were the unlucky recipients of it this weekend.
Insult to injury: I'm scheduled to work every weekend so it was a lose-lose situation, and I am still not feeling good.

Despite running a high temperature, Huxley has been the sweetest ever. He spent pretty much all of Saturday with Daddy since I was racked with fever chills, aches, and not holding anything down. I tried nursing him later in the evening, but I was just too uncomfortable & didn't want him being exposed (even more). So I pumped whenever I could muster the energy, because I worked to dang hard to get my supply up & I refused to let this nasty flu get the best of me! Sunday Huxley and Daddy started feeling icky so our tribe pretty much lazed about in bed all day & just tried to give our bodies some rest.

Highlights of the weekend? Ice-cube popsicles made by the mister who just happens to be the best caregiver in the world (hands down).

& of course my sweet little snuggler Bunny, who is obviously the highlight of my life.



allie said...

oh no! i hope everyone is feeling better by now :( i just found your blog through sara's (sara without an h). just wanted to say hey and let you know how much i am enjoying reading through your posts!

Hillary Brooke said...

Hi Allie! Yes we are feeling much much better thank you! & thanks for stopping by our little Blog, it's very nice to meetcha!