Flashback Friday slash Happy Week Twelve, Huxley Otis!

Can't believe 12 weeks have gone by.
Sometimes it feels like a lifetime ago, but mostly it seems like just yesterday I was waddling around looking like this:

Darling Huxley, Mama is so glad you came to this world. You have brought happiness to everyone you greet & I feel so blessed I can call you my son.


ps: thank you Grandma K for Sophie the Giraffe, you have saved me from being a glorified pacifier!


Sarah said...

You looked so fantastic pregnant! (You still do ;) ) I love the name Huxley, I have never heard it before.

I am stopping by from the Spearmint Baby Alexa hop!

Hillary Brooke said...

Thank you, I am flattered!
to be honest I secretly felt so much prettier toting that big belly around.

Huxley was new to us too, that is why we both just fell for it! It was perfect.