a very productive morning!

So far Huxley has puked, pooed & peed all during his morning 'Naked Time'.

You see, Hux has been a fan of nakedness for quite some time. He hates a draft, mind you, but there is something about a bum sans diapie that makes him the happiest little critter you've ever seen!

So we've made a habit of giving him plenty of time in the buff. Trust me, there have been plenty of errors to our trials, but the end result is totally worth it & his heiny hasn't had a spot of redness to it!

We usually have him laid out on something protective, like a towel, a few cloth diapers, or one of those blue plastic cotton covered mats you put down when you potty train puppies.
(Those work the best since you can just toss them away after any accidents. I know, not very green of me to say, but I seem to have misplaced my Super-Mama cape.)

This morning, however, Mama forgot to put something underneath the little mister and before I knew it our mattress was soaked so I then put a towel under him, which in a matter of no time was covered in poo.

All in all we saved two diapers, yall.

I'd call that success!


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