it's crazy to say,

...our three month old.
Seems like yesterday Huxley Otis was our newborn.

Huxley is now very aware of himself. His hands, his feet, his voice, and he even seems to be trying to sit up! Hux hasn't rolled over yet, but I have a feeling that will be any day now. Our sleep schedule seems to be changing, and the long day time naps are shortening & balancing out in the nighttime. Hux's appetite is changing too wanting more at one sitting and going longer in-between meals. All this change is definitely showing as he's grown out of his 0-3 month clothes and moving into 3-6, my gosh, he is just a weed!

We love him to the moon & back.

(my eyes are dry from trying not to blink, trying not to miss one single moment of him.)



Darcy said...

i know exactly what you mean. i love that line about ur eyes being dry, trying not to blink so you don't miss anything! such a perfect way to say how i feel too. i've never seen something so beautiful.

Kerry McCullough said...

Hey there, I'm your newest follower from Top Baby Blogs. I remember that age- it's so fun when they start giggling and squirming around. Looking forward to reading more. I have a 16 month old. Come stop by some time-- :)