do you like my hat?

Yes, yes I do like your hat!



Jess said...

Yes, yes I do like that hat! :D
I've been looking for a cute one for Elliot, since he hates having the sun in his eyes so much, and I don't want him to get sunburned. But I'm picky. Oh well, it's snowing out right now... so we wouldn't be able to use it yet anyways!
Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I love yours. I'm obsessed with owls, so it was love at first sight. And then I read the little blurb on the top, and I was hooked. I used to write a LOT {poetry, novels, short stories, the works}. I should really write a little more creatively on my blog instead of just flying my fingers across the keyboard. Oh, if only I had more time!

Maggie May said...

what a cutie pie!!! i love the name Huxley, too.