please dear God don't let my Mom see this...

because this Mama has been shopping!

I know, I know, I know, we are on a TIGHT budget. I mean like jaws-of-life needed tight, but I had coupons, and credit, and I neeeeeeeeeded those nursing jammies and tank!
This Boon Drying rack for our bottles & other baby items looks so much
nicer on our counter than a dish towel.

We now have three, yes, THREE of these ShiShu Baby blankets.
I just had to get it in blue now that Hux is here!

A cute springy onesie for the Bunsie.

Mama's if you are going to nurse, you're going to need nursing tanks. Period.
I have such a long torso that this tank (with slimming effects) was a perfect steal off Zulily. (click to get your membership invite and scope the deals!!)

As I said, I needed this pj set. I'm literally in jameroos 90% of the time, and I'll feel a heck of a lot cuter nursing 'round the clock in this ensemble by Hotmilk.

We are now off for our first little vacation as a family! We're headed to Matt's Grandparents' for the night, and we could not be more excited to let them spend some quality time with their Grandbaby!

Wish us luck!


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