life with the Hux & with out dairy

Last week I started to notice that Huxley's incredibly sensitive skin & mild facial eczema had gone from bad to worse. It was red and inflamed & just looked plain uncomfortable. As a Mama I felt terrible and frantically sifted through books, and online resources to find causes and cures for his sweet face.
All I could come up with & made the most sense was a dairy allergy. The descriptions all matched up.

So goodbye cheese, & hello Nutritional Yeast. It gives a somewhat decent cheese like flavor to my cheese-free pizza, or on top of veggies. It's located in the bulk section at Whole Foods, or packaged in the vitamin section near Brewer's Yeast.

Yesterday, the mister, Hux and I went to breakfast at a little bakery nearby before Huxley's 2 month Doctor visit. He had to get 2 vaccines, which he handled like such a brave little Bunny. I nursed him right before and after---Mamas, this is the trick! He was so relaxed and comforted that he was asleep by the time I was putting him in his car seat. He was so nice to save Mama the trauma of a hysterical screaming hurt little guy. I'm so blessed.

I don't think I could say that enough.
SO blessed.

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