a little (late) love.

Oh, wow do I ever stink at blogging! 
It is honestly always something over here--this time we were knocked sideways with Influenza, thank you preschool!

Our Valentine's Day was spent huddled in bed with fevers, aches and general ick. Two weeks later we are just know starting to feel like our normal selves again. I swear, I tried everything the moment I felt the crud creeping up on us--I even went so far as to put onion peels in our socks overnight (um...YUCK...will never do that again.)

Along with the gross onion trick that didn't seem to work I was diffusing essential oils, rubbing the bottoms of feet with Thieves Oil & lavender. Eventually we kind of just surrendered to the sickness and let it take it's long horrible course.

I was just at my computer & saw these darling photos from a little shoot we did and simply had to share as well as say a quick "hello, I know I suck, but I still love you!".

be well. 


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