3.24.2014 Kid(s) of the Week!

Hi! It's been awhile since I've asked for your vote since we no longer are affiliated with, but I entered Hux & Lulu in Kid of the Week and this month's theme was "Style". 

If you could take a moment to vote for our sweet babes that would mean the world to us--there is a $200 prize up for grabs and we could totally use that money--I mean, who wouldn't want a little cash money?!

Sorry for the never ending quiet. We have had bug after bug in our home. It's just been nuts.
I think I will have some time later this week to properly come on here and post a really fun giveaway, and next month there will be an EPIC giveaway for all your littles Easter baskets!

Stay tuned, 
until then, links are below for voting!
Thanks in advance.

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