seven month young lady

[Ellis is rocking her headband c/o Miss Ainsley Mae & Leather Collar c/o Mina Loves Bows]

Ellis June is astounding.

The way she has grown over the past seven months is absolutely mind boggling!
She's been eating like a champ since around 5 months, and is going "baby-led weaning" where she's eating what we eat, and hasn't had any issues at all! When Hux was a babe he'd choke and gag on the tiniest chunks in his puree. The differences between the two is night & day. 
Ellis has been trying earnestly to stand up. She so desperately wants to walk, but is a very quick crawler, and is fearless when it comes to the stairs--so we keep an every close eye on that little dumpling, all the time. 

The kids have been struggling with nap time lately--Huxley wakes Ellis up from hers, and refuses to go down himself, leaving Mama at her wits end around 2pm daily. Then out of no where they both konk out and I am left thinking, "Oh, that wasn't so bad."

It's not so bad. They're the cutest, funniest little duo. We love them beyond the moon.


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